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List of Our Consultancy Services

(a) Occupational Hygiene Monitoring/In –door Air Quality Monitoring

The enforcement of the Occupational Safety and Health (Use and Standards of Exposure of Chemical Hazardous to Health) Regulations 2000 under the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994 requires exposure monitoring to be conducted for employee exposure to chemical hazardous to health (as listed under Schedule i and ii ) . This is to prevent occurrence of occupational diseases, poisoning or adverse health effect.

AJ SAFETY has the expertise of well-trained hygiene technicians who are registered by DOSH in the area of personal exposure monitoring and indoor air quality monitoring for a wide range of hazardous chemicals.

All the collected samples are analyzed by well-equipped SAMM accredited laboratory complying to ISO 17025 requirements.

(b)  Occupational Noise Exposure Monitoring

Occupational Safety and Health (Noise Exposure) Reg.2019 requires the employer to carry out assessment of risk to the health of employees due to noise exposure in the workplace. AJ SAFETY offers services of professionally qualified and competent personnel who are registered with DOSH in achieving compliance with the above Regulation. Our services cover the following features:

  • Noise mapping
  • Personal monitoring
  • Area monitoring
  • Predictive Noise Study (PNS) 

c) Examination and Testing of Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV)

LEV systems are commonly used to remove hazardous gases, fumes, vapours and dusts from the workplace. It is a requirement by DOSH that the engineering control equipments or systems (LEV) be examined and tested at least annually besides monthly inspection by in-house team.

(d)  Chemical Health Risk Assessment

USECHH Regulations 2000 under the OSHA 1994 requires the employer to make a comprehensive chemical risk assessment of hazardous chemicals at the workplace. AJ SAFETY  offers a  complete  CHRA  service which includes recommendation for improvement.  AJ  SAFETY  adopts the methodology from  DOSH  for the above assessment.

(e)  Health Surveillance Programme

USECHH Regulations 2000 under the OSHA 1994 requires medical surveillance component of the health surveillance programme shall be carried out by occupational health doctor. AJ SAFETY engage Occupational Health Doctor (OHD) who registered with DOSH to carried the above examination.

(f)   Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS)

OHSMS is the overall management system which includes organizational structure, planning activities, responsibilities, practices, procedures, processes and resources for developing, implementing, achieving, reviewing, maintaining the OHS policy and managing the risks associated with an organization.

AJ SAFETY offers development of following OHSMS for industries:

  • ISO 45001
  • AS/NZS 4801

(g)  Health, Safety & Environment Audit and Manpower Supply

Site EHS audit carried out to improve the unsafe actions and unsafe conditions. Report will be generated after each audit conducted. The action plan(s) arises from the audit will be followed through and update to the management from time to time. AJ SAFETY can be engaged to provide a long term or short term service.

Short term manpower supply mainly Safety and Health Officer(s), Site Safety Supervisor(s) and Safety and Health Coordinator(s) can be arranged to enhance current safety management of an organization.

(h)  Environmental Management System

ISO 14001 is applicable to any organization that wishes to

  • Implement, maintain and improve an environmental management system
  • Assure itself of its conformance with its stated environmental policy
  • Demonstrate such conformance to others
  • Seek certification/registration of its environmental management system by an external organization
  • Make a self-determination and self-declaration of conformance with this international Standard

AJ SAFETY offers development of ISO 14001 for any type of industry or organization.

(i)  Environmental Audit

To perform environmental audits and monitoring for various development projects as required by the authority such as DOE;

  • Compliance Audits
  • Post-EIA Site Audits
  • Industrial Audits
  • Design of Monitoring Program

(j)  Environmental Planning

To formulate and implement environmental plans as the base documentation for development projects.

  • Environmental Management Plans
  • Site Management Plans
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Waste Minimization